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White Sands National Monument

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Olympic Peninsula

We move through bouts of exhaustion. Pushing ourselves to new heights and achievements, and new levels of fatigue. Discovering strengths I didn’t know were there, letting go of old tapes I don’t need to keep playing. Plunged back into towns we found ourselves eager to be back in the wilderness.…


In Cordova we were surrounded by wilderness and could feel it beckoning, calling to us. We had rain and we had beautiful weather. We walked to glaciers and up the ski hill path. We explored 'the road', the one that people are referring to when they talk about the 'end of…


There is something of this world in my blood, imprinted in my memory, absorbed by the electric mind of a toddler rapidly assessing and learning and storing information about the world around her as she grows, and then saved deep in the recesses for later reference. I know this because…