Tokyo and Hamamatsu Gallery

Tokyo and Hamamatsu Gallery

Tokyo cityscape

stone monuments and needle

temple pagodas and cloud

Iwo statue?

Sensoji temple crowd


city road Tokyo

reflection at the imperial palace

Takeshita Street

shop signs in Tokyo

fish and face

dragon drinking fountain


Tofu restaurant

tiny beautiful things

lauren and simon bridge

hydrangea road


hamamatsu statue in tree

Hamamatsu castle

Hamamatsu coast

read about Tokyo and Hamamatsu

One thought on “Tokyo and Hamamatsu Gallery

  1. Ah, Jenny … so happy to have found your blog, I’m sitting here grinning as I read. So much that resonates … I left a great job in 1975 [against so much advice “It’s too risky to go travelling now, keep your secure job” etc.] and roamed drifted wandered volunteered for 5 years — Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, work in Hong Kong, then Japan — where I lodged for 15 years!
    Keep writing, it’s wonderful … love you
    Helen xxx

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