Yosemite Gallery

Yosemite Gallery

hikers heading into forest on way to El Capitan

looking into the Yosemite forest

looking up into the forest canopy

sunset from the top of El Capitan, hazy purple layers and an orange sky

moon rising behind a tree on top of El Capitan while the sky is still light blue at twilight

sunset and fire smoke in the distance

sunrise looking out from our tent at our friends watching the horizon

the sun rising from El Capitan

looking down the top of El Capitan at sunrise

a lone tree at sunrise from El Capitan

long shadows at sunrise on El Capitan

Simon walking towards the sunrise with Half Dome in the distance

looking at sunrise through our tent

sunrise and Half Dome and trees from El Capitan

close up of the sunrise on Half Dome

Sunrise on our tent with Half Dome in distance

view of Yosemite valley and my feet from the very top of Eagle Peak

criss crossing fallen trees

feet dirty and dusty from hiking

a wide river running over smooth rock at Tuolumne Meadows

golden Tuolumne Meadows

the view up Tuolumne River

the view looking at Donohue Pass in Yosemite

the view looking back down Tuolumne River valley from the hike up towards Donohue Pass

more golden Tuolumne Meadows

a tree backlit by sun on Tuolumne River

the path leading through trees and golden green meadow towards Donohue Pass

a large pool surrounded by granite and trees on Tuolumne River

Simon in front of a peak reflected on Tuolumne River as he collects water

a smooth rocky section of the Tuolumne River

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