Olympic Peninsula

Olympic Peninsula

We move through bouts of exhaustion. Pushing ourselves to new heights and achievements, and new levels of fatigue. Discovering strengths I didn’t know were there, letting go of old tapes I don’t need to keep playing. Plunged back into towns we found ourselves eager to be back in the wilderness. In the wilderness with a rain soaked tent and after nights of sleeping in a down jacket, in the down sleeping bag, in a blanket in the tent just to keep warm, we find ourselves looking forward to sleeping in a real bed again, an insulated room. It’s a joyful play between minimalism and luxurious comfort, extreme physical exertion and cosying up on someone’s couch, writing and playing with photos and dreaming of the next adventure. I lose myself and find myself again. I carry small pieces of my life to ground myself and retain some semblance of normality, some familiarity, and I gather new pieces of knowledge all along the way.

We moved this way through the Pacific Northwest. Up switching trails and along mountain ridges. Through forests and along beaches. In sunshine and in snow. We carried ourselves forward with photos and words and curiosity of the beauty lingering around each new corner, finally collapsing at my aunt’s house in Bend, Oregon, lost in a wilderness of pillows and blankets, dreaming our recent realities into memories and stories. Of course, as always, we needed more time in each place, and somehow everything fell into place perfectly, just like each of the giant maple leaves somehow falls perfectly into place on the forest floor of Hoh Rainforest, or catches in branches, capturing light and radiating colour. My mind dances with spinning autumn leaves, and I am full with the magic of Olympic Peninsula. 

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(Northern California, Sequoia, and the Southwest coming soon)

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