Did you know there are gemstones and precious metals in the rainforest?

Did you know there are gemstones and precious metals in the rainforest?

Did you know there are gemstones and precious metals in the rainforest? I didn’t know until I got there. They are elusive, but once you attune your eye you will realise that they are everywhere.

Emeralds are the most prolific. They hide in shadow, shrink in shade, but when the sunlight filters through the canopy you will suddenly notice them igniting along the forest floor, hanging from boughs and branches.

When the sun starts to drop it slants sideways through the trees, and what would otherwise go unnoticed suddenly erupts into shining light: gold-dipped spruce tips, gold-coated hemlock drooping through the mid-canopy, gold dripping along the limbs of the fir trees.

There are rubies here too, this time of year. They cover the forest floor. Rubies and garnets, citrine and red jasper, tigers eye and mica. Everywhere they glitter and glint from the forest litter. As that sun inches lower and casts long lights out to caress them, their shimmer and sparkle entices me in further, enchants me to wander deeper, peak around that next trunk, through the next hanging curtain of club moss.

I do, and when I turn back to the light, staring directly towards that burning star through the trees, I find platinum! It has been melted and thrown against the edges of the gold dipped spruce, hemlock, and fir needles, illuminating their immaculate points in a brilliant blinding white.

The stream runs with molten silver, but I see more of those shy emeralds sparkling through from below. And there are diamonds here too. You’ll catch them in the early morning when the moisture still clings to the branches and that sleepy sun starts rolling back up into the sky. They decorate now the tips of the spruce, glittering  bright against their golden edges, shattering your heart into a million pieces and coating it in platinum.

There are gemstones and precious metals in the rainforest, but only for you to absorb with your eyes and feel with your heart. Try to grasp them in your hand, keep them for your own, and they will elude you, dancing away like mist back into the trees, laughing like the fairy folk playing one of their tricks, and you will find yourself poor, empty-handed and empty-souled, lost from the enchantment that held you spellbound in beauty moments before.

But if instead you do as I suggest and hold those glistening gemstones and metals with your eyes, you will stand enraptured, filled with wonder, and walk through life as if on air, rich with all the treasure that nature is trying to offer you.


This is for Ashley. Thank you ♥

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