In 2016 I found myself feeling like I had taken a wrong turn in life, and I couldn’t trace my steps back to where that had been. I felt lost on a road of shoulds, where everything was good and I should have been very happy, but I felt stressed and incomplete. Unfulfilled. And I had a choice. I could farewell comfort, my interesting and challenging job, reasonable salary and awesome colleagues, and face the unknown and my discomforts. Or I could stay. I chose to go.

WildCreativeMe chronicles our journeys after my partner and I quit our jobs and left for 6 months of travel in mid-2016. In time, I hope to fill in the gaps and share more about how I actually left my job in February of 2016, and what kept me busy between then and our departure in June. Subscribe on the home page to hear stories of other adventures and my work as a scientific and documentary diver.

Though we have returned home now, the journey hasn’t ended. Travel was a beautiful way to gain perspective and give ourselves space from responsibility and others’ expectations, but now is when the real work starts for building the life I dream of.

This is an ongoing story of life and discovery, of finding the next steps when they aren’t obvious, and making time to be immersed in beauty.

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